Starting on 6th April 2020

(6 Months Course)

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 6 months training course that Equips young people to get know God and make Him known. The course is decided into 2 separate phases: 12 weeks of the Lecture phase and 12 weeks of outreach phase.
Lecture phase is all about knowing the heart of God and going in a deeper relationship with God. 12 weeks of the lecture phase where national and international speakers will come to teach on various topics such as:

  • Character & Nature of God
  • Sin and repentance/ fear of God
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Father heart of God
  • Holy Spirit
  • Destiny by design
  • Identity in Christ
  • Arts in worldview
  • Redeem the culture

Every week will include classes, lectures, worship and prayer time, small groups, local outreaches, serving on campus and all evenings we will have Arts times- learning practice and much more...

Outreach phase is all about making God known through your art form. It is 3 months phase of the school to put into practice what you're learned in the lecture phase. This is the place where you can use your art to serve and glorify God and grow your heart for mission and other culture

 Along with DTS curriculum we are also focusing the arts form. its time to spread the good news in every sphere of the society through arts because it is not always easy to go directly to the people. So we can use our art forms to draw people's attention to hear the Gospel. Consequently, we are giving platform to artists to be trained , in order to change the world.
God does not call the equipped but He equips the called. In this school we want to train and equip you to release your gifts and talents for glorifying God and make Jesus known. This 6 months school will take you in a deeper relationship with God and help you to develop your character as an artist and follower of Jesus and prepare you for mission in all areas of the society.
We have 4 different arts forms- music, dance, fine art and photography/ videography. You will be in your chosen Art track where there will be time for training, practice, projects and practical application of your art form.

Dance is an expression of joy, happiness and victory. We will be training the artists to use their gift of dance to glorify the Lord, to express the joy of the Lord and encourage the artists to worship the Lord through the dance form. Developing your skills in choreography and working with others through Godly inspiration is part of this track.
Teaching includes prophetic dance, hip hop, semi classical, Indian classical and choreography.

The music track focuses chiefly on songwriting , recording and teaching music instruments like guitar, piano, keyboard, bass-guitar and drum.
Through many various assignments, we want to inspire you to write songs and teach you how to produce and arrange them. UofN Lonavala runs a studio that will help students in their project.
Teaching can include - songwriting, production and arrangements, music theory, vocal, Improvising and the prophetic workshops..

Photography/ videography
Learn how to photography with excellence while discovering GOD’s Heart for the nations and also to equip each students to understand their camera gears and to be able to create striking snapshots that can be a prophetic voice for the voiceless to impact the arts industry for HIS Kingdom

- Basic photography
- Mobile photography
- Color, Light, and Design Techniques
- Post-Production
- Shooting On Location
- Shot composition(Rule of thirds, etc)
- Setting Up Photo Studio Lighting
- Dynamic range. (highlights and shadows)
- Shoot in Raw and edit. (Free software)
- Landscape versus portrait photography

Fine arts
Fine arts is a powerful tool to communicate the heart of God, it goes beyond barriers and can be used with any group of people. High level of skills in art are not required for this track, just a willingness to let God teach us new things.

- How to do Oil painting, acrylics and watercolor
- Basic teaching
- Tool of Arts evangelism
- Holy spirit and painting process
- Heart purity of the Artist
- Art therapy

Track Fee Amount will be charged extra: Rs. 8200 + 18% GST= Rs. 9676/-


icons8 diploma filled 50

Total Cost for the entire course inclduing Track Fee: Rs. 41884/- (GST Inclusive)