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Take 9 months of your life to go deeper with God, explore His creation, and take His love to the Nations. Creative Discipleship Training School will take you on a life-changing adventure with God you cannot imagine. In nine intense months, you will learn about God and yourself, experience art, culture and know what it means to truly be like and follow Jesus.

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Creative DTS course charges INR 13000/- extra for their track fee above the regular fee.

The Creative DTS is a prophetic school of the arts. We focus on training the students in listening to the Lord’s voice, creating together with Him, and communicating through various art forms. We want to make room for developing the creative abilities and giftings God has given people.

  • - To know and to make known God’s original intention with the arts.
  • - To teach and train the student to know God, hear His voice and create together with Him.
  • - To be a prophet at this time in history and communicate God’s purposes through various art forms.
  • - To build a Biblical foundation that enables the student to carry their creative giftings.
  • - To help the student improve as an artist in performance and communication.
  • - To develop a good attitude as an artist and practice excellence.
  • - To be a worshiper of God.

In addition to a two-month outreach, we run three kinds of weeks at the Creative DTS:
Different teachers are invited to teach on topics which are designated for each week.
Here we run the dts curriculum. But every Friday from 10.00 – 19.00 and Thursday evening from 20.00-22.00 is set aside for the creative tracks.
Two weeks during the year, each track travels to various places on the west coast of India. This includes things like evangelism , teaching and performances.
The Creative DTS focuses on equipping the students to be culturally relevant in presenting the Gospel with passion through various art forms, as well as through their lives and testimonies. The approach to education based on 2 Peter 1:5-8 is essential in the Creative DTS program. We want to see excellence in the Arts based on godly qualities. By going on outreach, the students are exposed to missions by serving God and people in other cultures. Through intercession and worship the students can experience God’s heart for the unreached, and give a response to His challenge.


  1. To GATHER and CHALLENGE people to worship, listen to and obey God, releasing them (in the context of the DTS) to serve through evangelism, intercession, acts of compassion and other expressions of God’s heart for the world, possibly even pioneering new ministries.
  2. To INSPIRE and CULTIVATE growth in one’s relationship with God resulting in Christ-like character, which is based on a solid Biblical foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, especially concerning God’s Character, the Cross and empowering Grace.
  3. To SHARPEN one’s ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.
  4. To further EQUIP each one to serve God’s purposes either in or outside of YWAM Family of Ministries, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor and to influence all areas of society.
  5. To IMPART the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International as well as that of the host operating location and to provide information regarding a variety of opportunities for service.


  1. God’s Nature and Character (Encountering God)
  2. God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples and Creation (Seeing all of life from God’s perspective)
  3. God’s Redemption: Sin and the Cross (Recognizing Jesus as Lord)
  4. God’s Family: His Children and His Church (Becoming more like Jesus)
  5. God’s World: His Call and His Commission (Doing the works of Jesus)
  6. YWAM: A Response to God (Knowing God and Making Him Known)

The subjects taught include the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare, Relationships, Hearing God’s voice, God’s Character, Evangelism and Missions.
Each subject lasts one week and is taught by different teachers and artists from all over India, as well as from abroad. On some of the weeks we will have open teaching where we welcome guest to come and attend the teaching.