Starting in April 2020

If you have a PASSION for worship and for God’s PRESENCE, this DTS is for you! Genuine worship isn't just singing songs and getting a good feeling. It’s so much more; more than music, voices, instruments, art or dance… It's seeing God for who He really is - His POWER, His GREATNESS, His HOLINESS - and then giving Him what He’s worth - THE BEST of your time, your talents, your thoughts, and your words; seeing afresh the tremendous worth of God and, in response, giving Him the best of everything you have.

The Prophetic worship DTS will focus on knowing God, experiencing His presence, and being transformed more into His image! During the Lecture Phase we will dig deep into the character of God and find out how His love transforms our lives. Not only will students passionately seek God to see transformation in their own lives, but they will also seek to change the world around them.

God doesn’t want us to conform to the pattern of the world; he wants us to be transformed from within, by Him. People who have been transformed by God are then able to transform the world around them, in the power of God. They become world changers!

In this Prophetic Worship DTS, we focus on gathering and challenging people to worship, listen, and obey God. Students are released and sent out to serve through sharing the Love of God, intercession, acts of compassion, and other expressions of God’s heart for the world.

This is the focus of the Prophetic Worship DTS – knowing God’s love, being transformed into His image and then being His agents of transformation in the world around us. It’s a remarkable journey that will give you the opportunity to fully focus on Jesus, hear his voice and step into the calling He has for your life.


Prophetic Worship DTS opens with a three month lecture phase where students discover more about God while surrounded by God's beauty. Each week students have a new guest speaker, and each week focuses on a different topic. Throughout the week students will worship and pray together as well as read through the bible together. Students live in a close knit community with one another and encourage one another to grow in their walk with the Lord. There is also time to meet in small groups, and the opportunity to be personally mentored & encouraged and disciple by our mentors.


Outreach will involve sharing God’s transforming love with people who desperately need it. There are communities all over the globe, lacking the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter and health care. People are crying out for someone to come alongside them as the hands and feet of Christ to show them the love of the Father.

Our DTS outreach teams go and find the lost wherever they are, and then demonstrate the love of God in whatever way they can. Our heart is to go where there is physical and spiritual need and practically demonstrate God’s love by helping to meet those needs. It’s all about bringing the love of Christ to people through our lives and through the gifts that God has given us.

The outreach phase enables students to apply the concepts they learned during the lecture phase, and to tell the world about the awesome God we serve! The goal of these 12 weeks is to see real spiritual transformation take place in every student and at the same time, reach those who have been unreached by the love of God. As the students dive deeper into a vibrant relationship with God, they find that ministering to others is a joy!


  • · Nature and Character of God
  • · Sin and Repentance / Fear of the Lord
  • · Hearing God’s Voice
  • · Heart of Worship and Song Writing
  • · Biblical World View
  • · The Divine Plumb line
  • · Submission and Authority
  • · Discipleship
  • · Work of the Holy Spirit