About Us

About our Campus and Community

Our Campus
We have come a long way from our humble beginnings. Memories of constant moving from one cramped rented facility to another, often at very short notice, are fresh in the minds of many staff! We are grateful for this property - it represents the “Promised Land” replete with milk, honey (and giants of course!) UofN Campus, the UofN's new campus is situated strategically between Mumbai and Pune in the tourist town of Lonavala. Set on approximately five acres, the facility includes academic, administrative and housing infrastructure. The beautiful landscaping is an added blessing! Its proximity to the railway and bus stations as well as the highway makes it highly accessible. Though the running costs have increased substantially from that of our previous locations, fee structure has remained essentially the same. Yet God’s faithfulness allows us to maintain both quality and excellence in all areas. Some of the best resources from India and across the world are available to the students and the sprawling campus is kept functioning smoothly.

Community Life
Ours is a multicultural environment where people from all ethnic backgrounds are welcome. Every quarter is a different experience as we host diverse nationalities. It is common to have as many as six continents represented. We often say the addition of a penguin will complete the picture! We impact the lives of approximately 300 students annually. We believe in community and the positive influence it has on individuals. Character transformation, therefore, is not confined to the classroom. Campus life has been carefully planned in order that all aspects of personality are honed and shaped. Everyone is responsible for the upkeep of the facility, preparations of meals, and maintenance of housing through designated work duties. There are no menial jobs nor are there gender-restricted ones. We also believe in the saying “all work and no play makes UofN a dull place.” Our regular sports competitions, barbecues and recreational programs guarantee this! Additionally, corporate times of worship and intercession include creative opportunities for all to participate. It is at times like these that we can envision what it will be like in heaven – with people of all race and creed worshiping God.