Titus Project

A third level program at UofN Lonavala


10 July 2023



Program Overview:

The Titus Project Program is 12 weeks long, and consists of the following:  Training (3 weeks), Outreach (8 weeks), Celebration (1 week, a.k.a. Debriefing)
Prerequisites are completion of the School of Biblical Studies: CHR 213, 315, 316. 
Titus Project is accredited under the SBS Field Assignment (CHR 214) and is awarded 12 U of N credits upon completion.

Effective Communication for Teaching

This seminar is the first three weeks of the Titus Project training, a teaching field assignment and preparation for School of Biblical Studies (SBS) graduates. However, this seminar is open to others who have not taken the SBS.
This training includes development of teaching and preaching skills, cross-cultural ministry, learning styles (with an emphasis on reaching oral communicators), focused reading, as well as several assisted and evaluated teachings. This will be conducted within the framework of daily life on campus for the live-learn experience.

Course information:
3 weeks training phase

Topics include:
1. How to Teach and Illustrate the Inductive Method
2. How to Prepare a Lecture
3. How to Present a Lecture
4. Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence
5. Myers Briggs Personality Types
6. How to Teach a Bible Overview through Inductive Method
7. Reaching Oral Communicators
8. Practice teachings and preaching by participants

8-9 weeks of Outreach phase
The Titus outreach is a team outreach with 3-4 persons per team. During outreach the team will run church seminars teaching Bible Overview to newer believers or Inductive Method & How to Study the Bible to Pastors/Leaders/Church Members. Each student will teach around 6-10 hours per week.

Academic information:

The Titus project is registered with the UofN under the field assignment for the School of Biblical Studies. The participant fulfills the SBS field assignment requirement and will receive 12 credits.

The Titus project is a good training for anyone who wants to be involved with long term Bible teaching. It is also good staff training for first time SBS staff.

Start Date

10 July 2023
(Student's arrival date 9th July)

Duration: 3 Months

Lecture Phase: 3 Weeks Outreach Phase: 4 Weeks Debriefing: 1 Week


  • Lecture Phase:

INR Rs. 7823/- Month, Inclusive GST for Category C participants.


SBS I, II, and III (9 months SBS)