Foundations for Counselling Ministry

 Start Date 

                  18th September 2023                       

Foundations for Counselling Ministry

Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212  (A successfully completed Discipleship Training School)

CNH 211

A course to equip those who feel called to reach out to broken, hurting people. As the entry course into degrees in the College/Faculty of Counseling and Health Care, it establishes the foundation stones for a biblical counseling ministry, especially within community. These foundation stones include a commitment to reach the lost; recognition that ministry involves the individual, the family and the community; the Divine Plumbline counseling model; and revelation as a key to change. In addition, each course may address specific counseling models or tools and specific counseling issues that are considered relevant to a particular field.

Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 12

Foundations for Counseling Ministry CNH 212
Field Assignment
During this course, the knowledge, skills and character qualities learned in the lecture phase are practiced in the field. One of its main purposes is to challenge students to explore counseling ministry opportunities among specific people groups or nations, particular segments of society (children, youth, families, etc.) or for need areas such as addictions. Personal development goals for this training programme include: living a renewing lifestyle, working in a team and adapting to living and working in another culture. Study requirements are designed to fit the individual field assignment situation and to support the focus on service and ministry.

Prerequisite: CNH 211
Credits: 8-12


Start Date

18th September 2023
(Student's arrival date will be communicated)


Lecture Phase: 3 Months Outreach Phase: 2 ½ Months


  • Lecture Phase:
  • Outreach Phase:

INR Rs. 7823/- Month, Inclusive GST for Category C participants.


CNH 211/ DTS Completed