School of Worship

8th January 2024

Upcoming batch

13 May 2024

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Rs. (INR) 7823/- Month

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5 Months

:3 Months Lecture Phase

:2 Months Field Assignment

School of Worship

School of Worship

Course Code: CHR/ATS 261

Designed to equip current and potential worship leaders, this course is for those who have an interest in leading worship with singing, playing instruments, and dancing. Topics range from dealing with one’s own character and lifestyle as a worshiper, to understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in worship.

Foundational topics
1. Song writing 
2. Biblical & Historical Basis/aspect of Worship
3. Psalms
4. Reconciling cultures to Gospel 
5. Identity, Heart & Lifestyles of a worshiper 
6. Musicianship & Team Dynamics 
7. Worship & Mission 
8. Intimacy & inner healing


 Start Date 

 13 May 2024  


Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212  (A successfully completed Discipleship Training School)

Credits: 12

Field Assignment CHR/ATS 262
The field assignment gives students opportunities to lead worship in settings where they are actively involved in ministry, applying together in teams what has been learned during the lecture phase. These teams help organize worship seminars and develop worship teams in local churches.

Prerequisite: ATS/CCM 261

Credits: 8-12